SHARC support Egg Geo in combined WET–geothermal system

SHARC International Systems Inc. (SHARC Energy) support Egg Geo, LLC in the first proposed combined WET and geothermal system in the world. This innovative and groundbreaking system will utilize thermal energy transfer from the ground and wastewater to provide 100 percent of the heating, hot water and cooling load for 316 affordable housing units in two – 20 story multi-family towers.

This innovative combination of solutions is pioneering a blueprint for the world to follow. The benefits of a combined SHARC WET and geothermal system compared to a standalone geothermal system are as follows: (i) The upfront capital cost is significantly reduced as the designed combined system will no longer require as large of a borefield to meet the projects energy needs. (ii) The smaller borefield allows for geothermal projects to become both financially and technically viable in densely populated urban centers, that have limited space. (iii) The system can provide 100% of the heating, cooling and hot water needs in extreme weather conditions. (iv) The installation is weather resilient as all equipment is indoors or below ground. (v) There is no longer a need for cooling tower and cooling tower maintenance which reduces cost and opens up valuable rooftop space.

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