Alfa introduces Wide Opening Design plates in Packinox

Alfa Laval introduced its new Wide Opening Design plates in its Packinox heat exchangers during the H2 of 2018. The new plates increase robustness and operating reliability while reducing the pressure drop and improving operability.

The Wide Opening Design heat exchanger plates offer a 50% lower pressure drop over the distribution areas compared to the previous design. This makes it possible to either increase the pressure drop over the heat transfer area of the plates, and thereby increase heat recovery and reduce the size of the heat exchanger, or to lower the overall pressure in the process, which can increase yield in processes such as catalytic reforming and paraxylene production.

Plate bundles with Wide Opening Design plates will have 30% higher mechanical strength and therefore have a higher resistance to thermo-mechanical stress and improved operating reliability. The new design will also offer better performance in case of catalyst or debris migration.

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