Modified welded plate heat exchanger for chemical plant

The modified welded plate heat exchanger belongs to the plate-frame heat exchanger. It is suitable for chemical plants and pharmaceutical industries requiring repeated heating and cooling of various chemicals. It is also widely used in heating, cooling, condensation, and evaporation of petroleum and coalbed methane.

Performance and advantages of modified welded plate heat exchanger include thermal efficiency; low resistance; compact structure; strong structure and high-pressure resistance; not easy to plug, easy to clean.

The main plate bundles (heat transfer elements) of the modified welded plate heat exchanger are stamped into trapezoidal herringbone corrugated plates or vertical corrugated plates and welded together along the seams of both sides to form an inter-plate passage; the two ends of multiple groups of plate bundles are welded together to form a plate path; the shell path is formed between the plate bundles and the plate bundles, and the cold and hot media are heat exchanged through the plates by countercurrent or cross-flow.

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