Alfa Laval launches Cooling Pod for edge data centers

Edge data centers uses Alfa Laval’s extremely energy-efficient air-cooled heat exchanger technology to keep the temperature of the edge-computing hardware down. A variable frequency drive increases the sustainability performance of the Cooling Pod even further by adjusting the cooling effect to the prevailing conditions, saving additional energy in the process.
The small footprint of the Cooling Pod means that it can be placed almost everywhere. The modular, containerized design also maximizes flexibility, allowing users to move their data centers if requirements change.
The Cooling Pod comes in 500kW and 1MW versions for single or dual loop as well as for direct-to-chip or immersion cooling. This allows customer to mix and match any combination of modules to meet their cooling needs. The Cooling Pod is delivered with all the components needed to deliver cooling already installed. All that’s needed to get up and running is a power connection.

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