Vallourec joins Criterion Energy’s IAG

Vallourec has joined Criterion Energy Partners, Inc.’s Industry Advisory Group (IAG) as a founding member. The IAG brings together experts in the fields of drilling, completions, subsurface analysis, and power manufacturing and is designed to enable rapid commercialization of geothermal power and direct heat across unprecedented geologies and geographies. The consortium of companies that make up the IAG will work to develop and implement methods to drive down project costs and shorten execution timelines with the mission of taking geothermal energy projects everywhere.
Vallourec is positioned as the IAG’s only steel supply member because of its material, threaded connection expertise, and its vast experience in the North American oil and gas market.
Vallourec’s participation in IAG demonstrates its commitment to advancing geothermal energy in North America. The recently formed Vallourec® New Energies division aims to further illustrate this commitment by continuing to expand its portfolio of solutions for geothermal and other low carbon energy initiatives.

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