Alfa Laval paves way for fuel gas with DuroShell

With the DuroShell plate-and-shell heat exchanger, Alfa Laval continues to lead the way in technology for fuel gas systems. The robust DuroShell provides higher thermal efficiency and market-leading fatigue resistance. Thanks to new research into glycol freezing that can be used in even more compact and cost-effective installations.

DuroShell has been optimized for use as a vaporizer in fuel gas applications. With its 100% stainless steel design, it can reliably handle LNG entry temperatures that approach –170 °C or lower. Alfa Laval has also performed extensive laboratory freeze testing, gaining knowledge that will lead to lower capital and operational costs.

DuroShell’s ability to withstand the large temperature differences in fuel gas supply systems stems partly from its special CutWing plates, which feature the patented Alfa Laval RollerCoaster™ plate pattern. The RollerCoaster™ design provides high turbulence that improves heat transfer efficiency and thus significantly reduces the risk of freezing and fouling.

Another unique DuroShell feature is the PowerPack™ distribution tubes, which secure an optimized flow distribution onto the heat transfer surface. This design further enhances the strength of the plate pack for added fatigue resistance in demanding LNG duties.

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