AMETEK FPP launches XXP280 Heat Exchanger

AMETEK Fluoropolymer Products (FPP) introduces the XXP280 Heat Exchanger, the latest in heating and cooling technology for corrosive and ultra-pure chemicals. The XXP280’s rugged design, constructed fully with a fluoropolymer, allows precise temperature control in extreme environments where others fail. The unique honeycomb design allows for exceptional heat transfer rates while maintaining a high-pressure capability and compact size.

The FPP UHP PFA Heat Exchangers’ shell, bundle, and fittings are fully constructed with ultrahigh-purity PFA. They are completely void of O-rings, gaskets, and metal. These exchangers have exceptional heat-transfer rates and high-pressure capabilities. The exchangers’ extremely rugged design sustains a shell-side flow rate of 60 L/min. The exchangers’ feature a compact footprint of 3´´ D × 23´´ L with low extractable and extreme corrosion resistance.

The XXP280 Heat Exchanger offers the perfect balance of exceptional heat transfer performance and durability while maintaining a compact footprint.

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