ProSim releases new software: ProSim HEX

ProSim, provider of software and services in simulation and optimization of industrial processes, has announced the launch of new software for simulating heat exchangers. The new software contains a module for the detailed simulation of plate-and-frame heat exchangers or gasketed plate-type heat exchangers, with or without chemical reactions (CO-ProSim PHE), a module to simulate shell and tube heat exchangers and several modules for a simpler simulation of other heat exchangers regardless of exchange technology. ProSim HEX also provides modules to simulate the auxiliary equipment nearby the heat exchangers (pumps, compressors, turbines, flashes, valves…).

Thanks to the software, user can simulate the most diverse and complex configurations: single-pass or multi-pass, countercurrent or co-current, single-phase or two-phase heat exchangers (condensation, evaporation).

The CO-ProSim PHE module also makes it possible to take into account chemical reactions to simulate compact reactor-exchangers that are used in particular for process intensification.

ProSim HEX software makes it possible to simulate in a detailed way a single exchanger or a network of connected heat exchangers (in series, in parallel…) with possible recycling between the heat exchangers to represent all the complexity of a real installation.

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