Atommash shipped VVER-TOI for unit 1 of Kursk NPP-2

At Volgodonsk Branch of JSC “AEM-Technology”, the vessel of a new type of nuclear reactor – VVER-TOI (pressurized-water reactor typical optimized informatized) for the first unit of Kursk NPP-2 was officially shipped. 
VVER-TOI is the development by Russian designers from OKB “GIDROPRESS” based on technical decisions for VVER-1200 reactors. Nuclear reactors of new type have increased power and improved technical and economic indicators, as well as increased resistance to extreme external influences and natural disasters.
The new reactor is made of nickel-free steel. The technology provides four weld joints, instead of six, as in the VVER-1200 reactor vessel. For automatic submerged-arc welding, welding materials were used that were not previously used at Atommash. Product weight – about 340 tons.
The VVER-TOI will be transported in a combined way. The product will be delivered by road to the special berth of Tsimlyansk reservoir, then river route along Don and Volga to berth in Voronezh. Then the product will be reloaded onto vehicles and delivered to Kurchatov.
Power units No. 1 and No. 2 of Kursk NPP-2 of generation “3+” are being constructed according to the VVER-TOI project, and comply with all IAEA safety requirements.
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