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The News Category serves as the main hub for all news, updates, and information relating to the field of heat exchange technology. This broad category encompasses a wide range of subcategories, offering comprehensive insights into various aspects of the heat exchanger industry. It covers everything from technical articles, product launches, software updates, industry trends, research breakthroughs, and much more.

AquaForce 30HX with refrigerant R-513A is available now

Carrier introduces AquaForce® 30HX chiller with lower GWP refrigerant R-513A for environmentally balanced impact and high efficiency.

Octopus Energy invests £ 200M in Deep Green

Octopus Energy invests £200M in Deep Green to scale waste heat tech, offering affordable, energy-efficient computing in the UK.

Climaveneta presents the new air-cooled chiller FX

Mitsubishi Electric's Climaveneta introduces the FX: a high-efficiency air-cooled chiller with CSC screw compressors and advanced W3000TE control.

Kaori develops large-scale In-Row 800kW L/L CDU

Optimize data center cooling with Kaori's In-Row 800kW CDU, a key component for efficient liquid cooling in servers and D2C cold-plate cabinets.

Modine purchases specific assets of TMG Core

Modine acquires TMG Core assets, targeting the growing data center liquid cooling market expected to reach $7.8bn by 2028.

GE Vernova and Iberdrola launch Topolobampo III Plant

GE Vernova and Iberdrola Mexico launch Topolobampo III, a 766 MW power plant supporting Mexico's renewable grid.

UKEA awards £19M for fusion energy development

The UK Atomic Energy Authority invests £19M in fusion energy projects, focusing on novel materials and lithium technology.

Origin SSHE delivers savings, simplicity & flexibility

SPX FLOW introduces Origin Series Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger, enhancing efficiency in food and dairy processing.

GDC to build a geothermal industrial park at Menengai

GDC advances geothermal industrial park in Kenya's Nakuru County, leveraging Menengai geothermal field.

Installation of boreholes with sensors in Cheshire

Cheshire boreholes explore underground aquifers for thermal energy storage with advanced sensing tech.

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