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Chart Industries acquires Harsco’s AXC for USD592 M

Chart Industries, Inc. has announced recently that it has entered into a definitive asset purchase agreement to acquire the Industrial Air-X-Changers business of Harsco Corporation for USD592 M in cash.

MIT develops new thin polymer films that conduct heat

Polymers are usually the go-to material for thermal insulation. Think of a silicone oven mitt, or a Styrofoam coffee cup, both manufactured from polymer materials that are excellent at trapping heat.

Goodway’s GDS-100 wins 2018 Plant Engineering product

Goodway's GDS-100 industrial descaling system has been selected as a 2018 Engineering Product of the Year Winner. The portable clean-in-place pump system won the Silver Award in the Maintenance Tools and Equipment category.

L&M unveils heat transfer solution in the MESABI® CUBE™

L&M Radiator, Inc., home of the MESABI® line of heat exchange solutions, has unveiled the latest heat transfer solution for the fracking industry in the MESABI® CUBE™ Cooling System.

Holmak HeatX acquires Klingenburg production assets

Netherlands-based Holmak HeatX has acquired the production assets for the manufacturing of counterflow heat exchangers from Klingenburg GmbH.

Parker Hannifin Introduces Connection Couplings

Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, is now offering quick connection couplings for its NSA series; notable for features including their low weight.

Alfa completes divestment of the Greenhouse division

Alfa Laval – a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation, and fluid handling – has completed the divestment of its air heat exchanger business, related to commercial/industrial air heat exchangers.

FAA-PMA approved Cirrus® SR22 Heat Exchanger & Muffler

Wall Colmonoy Aerobraze Oklahoma City is pleased to announce FAA-PMA approval for Nicrocraft™ Cirrus® SR22 Heat Exchanger and Muffler.

Schneider Electric External Sensor for Positioner

Schneider Electric developed an external sensor for the new positioner SRD998. This sensor allows for an ideal connection to the Badger Meter small control valves.

L&T responsible for a nuclear fusion project in France

Larsen & Toubro Construction (L&T) was responsible for Detailed Design, Engineering, Procurement and Supply of a large cooling water system for a nuclear fusion project being constructed in France.

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