CETY forms a strategic partnership with Enertime

Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETY) announced that it has formed a technology partnership with Enertime. Enertime manufactures ORC modules to recover heat and generate electricity, high-temperature large heat pumps and natural gas expanders. ORCs replace steam with organic fluid allowing electricity to be generated from low-medium temperature heat sources dramatically reducing a power plant’s dependence on grid electricity. The organic fluid has a lower boiling point and is, therefore, able to use low-temperature heat sources to produce electricity. ORC systems are the most technically advanced and economically viable solutions available with higher performance and lower capital costs.

Many companies are exploring utilizing systems such as CETY’s proprietary technology, the Clean Cycle generator, and Enertime’s ORC systems for larger-scale facilities. These solutions capture wasted heat produced by the facility and convert it into grid-ready electricity that can either be sold for a profit or offset the electrical expenses of the facility.

By capturing this energy and utilizing it to offset power costs, companies across the world could save billions of dollars a year and dramatically reduce their carbon footprint simultaneously.

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