CG Thermal receives the 2023 VAALER Award

CG Thermal is named as a 2023 VAALER Award winner citing their innovation, development, and design of novel material PPS-GR for heat exchangers in harsh and corrosive process streams.

The novel material PPS-GR is the result of two companies combining their unique perspectives and innovation in materials and heat transfer technologies. CG Thermal was in pursuit of design enhancements for graphite heat exchangers to maximize ease of maintenance while minimizing downtime and related costs. These enhancements also needed to provide the corrosion resistance of graphite with a more forgiving design for the typical chemical processing industry environment. Meanwhile, Technoform, an experienced high-performance polymer extruder, sought to provide their expertise to produce a highly corrosion-resistance heat transfer solution. The partnership resulted in the development of the Impervite PPS-GR shell and tube sheet exchanger.

The Impervite PPS-GR heat exchanger is designed for ease of maintenance and reliability.

In total, the PPS-GR heat exchanger extends the thermal and operational efficiency of a graphite heat exchanger.

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