Corrugated plate heat exchanger plates

The plate heat exchanger plate is specially used for the plate heat exchanger to isolate the medium and exchange heat, and is an important part of the plate heat exchanger. Its main materials are stainless steel (SUS304.316), titanium and titanium palladium (Ti, Ti-Pd), 20Cr, 18Ni, 6Mo (254SMO), alloy (C276) and copper (H68).

The corrugated type of the plate heat exchanger plate mainly has two kinds of “herringbone” and “horizontal straight” corrugation. The pressure-bearing capacity of “herringbone” corrugated sheets is higher than 1.0Mpa, whereas that of “horizontal straight” is generally 1.0Mpa. The heat transfer coefficient and fluid resistance of the “herringbone” corrugated sheet are higher than the “horizontal straight” corrugated plate mainly considering the working pressure of the plate heat exchanger, the pressure drop of the fluid and the heat transfer coefficient. If the working pressure is above 1.6Mpa, the “herringbone” corrugated sheet should be selected. If the working pressure is not high and the resistance is required to be reduced, the “horizontal straight” corrugated sheet can be selected.

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