Doosan signs a supplier contract with Lotte E&C

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction announced that it has signed a contract with Lotte Engineering & Construction (Lotte E&C) to supply equipment for the Daegu and Cheongju Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants. The contract is valued to be 40bn. 
The project will involve constructing an LNG-based CHP plant in both regions in response to the energy demand and local residents’ requests calling for the transition to eco-friendly energy. CHP plants have the capability to simultaneously provide electric power generation and district heating.
With the securing of this contract, Doosan will be delivering a 120MW steam turbine and generator, one of each, to the Daegu and Cheongju CHP plants by October 2022, while Lotte E&C will be handling the EPC work.
According to the 9th Basic Plan on Electricity Demand and Supply, LNG-based power plant projects amounting to a scale of 16GW are planned for the years leading up to 2034, with half of this, which would amount to 9GW, consisting of CHP plants.
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