Edgeview® to troubleshoot heat exchanger operations

Edgeview® is a trend analysis tool that assists processors in troubleshooting heat exchanger operations. Using a time-based table of operating data, Edgeview reconciles the data by removing gross errors and rapidly calculates a number of performance indicators for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The software’s parallel-processing features allow users to execute a rigorous Xist® case at multiple operating points more than eight times faster than running the cases in Xist alone. The software highlights performance shortfalls, making it easy for users to generate cases for thorough troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting operation of process heat exchangers often involves the time-consuming effort of analyzing operating data recorded over extended periods. Xist is useful for this analysis since it calculates a vast amount of incremental performance parameters and can be used to identify adverse conditions.

Edgeview speeds up this process by identifying and filtering many of the gross errors in data records and facilitating the parallel processing of Xist. The analysis can be further streamlined by using customized post-processing diagnostics to analyze the Xist results. With post-processing diagnostics, the opportunities for Edgeview applications increase substantially.

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