Energy efficiency improvements in Quinn Lite plant

Quinn Lite has introduced a number of measures to reduce energy usage and waste in the manufacturing process of the aircrete blocks. The company reviewed its manufacturing process in a bid to determine where improvements could be made to ensure minimal environmental impact and maximize efficiencies. As a result, a series of improvement measures have been implemented in the last four months which have already seen a return.

A new heat exchanger system was commissioned and installed in the plant to capture the excess heated water produced to be re-used in the manufacturing process. The energy is no longer wasted, but instead is now pumped back into the system to heat the pre-curing chamber and help maintain the optimum temperature.

Achieving and maintaining the correct ambient temperature in the chamber, therefore, requires energy usage. In order to further reduce this energy requirement, Quinn Lite also insulated the entire chamber with Quinn Therm insulation, significantly reducing heat loss and energy requirements without increasing production time. In addition, the new system allows greater control over the temperature of the pre-curing tunnel, which is regulated to prevent excess heat and energy.

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