Fischer’s new fluid coolers: FLKI 295/FLKI 400 G 400

For dissipating the heat of particularly powerful electronic devices the use of fluid heatsinks is worthy of consideration beside an active heat dissipation method by means of so-called high-performance cooling aggregates.

Due to the numerous positive characteristics of fluid coolers company Fischer Elektronik extends the comprehensive product portfolio by two more designs with the part numbers FLKI 295 and FLKI 400 G 400. The I-perfused fluid coolers are completely made of the material aluminum, including the G3/4´´ hose connections and also have an internal three-dimensional heat exchange structure. This displaced lamella structure is thermally conductive and provides a very good thermal transport from the device to be cooled into the flowing liquid. The article FLKI 295 is specially made for the high power converters PrimePackTM3 and already contains M5 mounting threads for a direct mounting of the modules.

With article number FLKR 1 an adapted re-cooling system is also available. This consists of a centrifugal pump as well as a re-cooler with a fluid-carrying pipe system with air fins and electrically driven fan. Additional mechanical treatments, modifications or special designs are realized according to customer’s specifications.

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