Future cooling technology MITCO2 heat exchangers

Using CO2 as a refrigerant does not harm the atmospheric ozone layer and prolongs the life of the heat exchanger, preventing further environmental pollution. The method also contributes to the economy by saving energy. CO2 is safe and nonflammable. It has good thermal stability at high temperatures and, in case of leakage, there is no harm to human life, food systems, and ecology.

In this context, EKİN Industrial A.Ş. has expanded its offering of alternative solutions for future-oriented cooling technology with its CO2 heat exchangers. CO2 oriented MITCO2 plate evaporators and condensers have a very low carbon footprint compared to traditional HFC solutions. CO2 is a natural refrigerant, its Global Warming Potential (GWP) is ‘’1’’, and its Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) is ‘’0’’. MITCO2 offers reliable, energy efficient cooling solutions in a wide range of cooling capacities. It enables CO2 (R744) applications to be used in more applications. MITCO2 heat exchangers offer easy installation and maintenance thanks to their compact design and their ability to withstand up to 100 bar operating pressure.

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