Himpel invests 5.5bn to establish a zero-energy plant

Himpel, a company that occupies more than 60% of the Korean ventilation market, has invested 5.5bn won to establish Korea’s first zero-energy plant that introduced zero-energy construction methods such as airtight, high-insulation and heat exchangers. A zero-energy factory is a factory built with zero energy construction that uses minimal external energy. As a result, the plant received the second highest preparatory certification of 1 ++ among the ten levels of building energy efficiency grades.

Himpel’s zero-energy plant was built using a passive construction method. The passive method, which has strong insulation and airtightness, is effective for energy saving because it can maintain the indoor temperature to 18 degrees without heating and cooling. The laminated glass is made of 42mm Low-e triple glass to reduce the heat loss generated through the window in winter and shield the strong ultraviolet rays in the summer to create an environment suitable for the zero-energy plant. In addition, Himpel installed a heat recovery type ventilator, their high-efficiency total heat exchanger, to improve indoor air quality as well as save energy through heat recovery.

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