HRS secures a heat exchanger order worth USD 3.8M

HRS Heat Exchangers has clinched a significant order valued at USD 3.8 million for a North American client, marking a pivotal step in advancing environmental initiatives. Scheduled for delivery in late 2024, these heat exchangers will play a crucial role in a major environmental project.

The order comprises a mix of 6-meter and 10-meter-long heat exchanger modules, totaling 384 units, incorporating HRS’s renowned corrugated tube technology. Utilizing nearly 10 kilometers of tube, these exchangers boast 2,268 flanges and over 18,000 nuts and bolts, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Manufacturing of these units is underway at HRS Heat Exchangers’ global manufacturing facility in Murcia, Spain. Once completed, the 126 tonnes of equipment will be carefully transported in 18 shipping containers. The system encompasses various modules tailored to conduct heating, cooling, and heat recovery operations as part of a renewable energy project.

This strategic order underscores HRS Heat Exchangers’ commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive environmental sustainability and support forward-thinking projects worldwide.

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