HTA purchases two Vector® vacuum furnaces

Two new Vector®- single chamber high-pressure quench vacuum furnaces from SECO/VACUUM have been purchased by HTA. Solutions go to their Melbourne and Sydney commercial heat treatment facilities to provide expanded processing capabilities to support the Australian defense industry.
The equipment will provide heat treatment processes for HTA’s manufacturing customers in the region to meet defense customer and quality specifications. The project was developed in response to customer demand and market analysis identifying gaps in Australia’s advanced manufacturing industrial framework.
The Vector technology is a good overall solution for commercial heat treaters because of its deep process flexibility. Vector is a versatile heat treatment system that can be applied to a variety of tasks as the customer’s workloads change, from hardening for tools and dies or aircraft components, to annealing, vacuum brazing, LPC, normalizing, solution heat treating, as well as sintering and tempering.
The addition of Vector® vacuum furnaces to HTA’s processing capabilities follows 7 other installations of SECO/WARWICK products in Brisbane and Los Angeles CA, including high-pressure gas quench vacuum furnaces, vacuum aluminum brazing furnaces, and tempering/stress relieving furnaces.