Hydroniq Coolers awarded frame agreement for MR tanker equipment

Hydroniq Coolers, a leading supplier of cooling solutions, has recently been awarded a significant frame agreement by marine and offshore pumping system supplier Framo. The agreement entails the delivery of tube coolers to be integrated into Framo’s hydraulic pump units for use in medium range (MR) tankers.

The tube coolers supplied by Hydroniq Coolers will play a crucial role in cooling down the oil within Framo’s hydraulic pumps, which are essential components of cargo pumping systems for various tanker vessels. This partnership underscores Hydroniq Coolers’ commitment to providing efficient and reliable cooling solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of its clients.

“We have developed a new range of tube coolers that are smaller in diameter and more compact than before. These fit better with the requirements of Framo, who is constantly looking to make pump skids even more compact as less weight equals lower costs and emissions,” explains Lars Elling Gloppholm, aftermarket sales manager at Hydroniq Coolers.

The frame agreement highlights the innovative approach taken by Hydroniq Coolers, which specializes in producing heat exchangers capable of offering customized solutions based on standard models. With over 200 standard models of shell and tube heat exchangers, Hydroniq Coolers ensures flexibility and versatility in meeting the diverse needs of its clients.

Already, Framo has initiated the implementation of the agreement by placing orders for ten tube coolers. These components will be manufactured and assembled at Hydroniq Coolers’ headquarters in Ellingsøy, Norway, before being delivered to Framo’s manufacturing plant in Fusa, Norway.

“Framo’s cargo pumping solutions are renowned for enabling high vessel utilization, quick cargo unloading, efficient stripping, and less slop treatment. To become one of their favored suppliers of tube coolers is therefore a testament to the quality of our cooling systems and our ability to deliver,” adds Lars Elling Gloppholm.

The collaboration between Hydroniq Coolers and Framo signifies a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the efficiency and performance of hydraulic pump units in MR tankers. As the maritime industry continues to prioritize sustainability and operational excellence, such partnerships pave the way for innovative solutions that meet evolving market demands.

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