Importance of heat exchanger maintenance & cleaning

From power plants to industrial chemical plants and everything in between, the heat exchanger in all its forms is a critical aspect of heat management systems. Therefore, all organizations must take heat exchanger maintenance extremely seriously, because a heat exchanger failure can be a potentially deadly event due to risks of fire and explosions.

Heat exchanger cleaning is a complex, multi-stage process that involves many steps. Further, proper cleaning must be carried out by a certified technician so that there is a certainty that all steps are performed fully and that all regulations are followed. A few of the things that a heat exchange technician will perform include: (i) Multiple inspections, (ii) Complete tube cleaning and coating, and (iii) Cover removal, cleaning, inspection, and replacement and tube plugging.

Heat exchanger maintenance and cleaning is a complex procedure that must be carried out by licensed, experienced professionals. Any mistake made during the maintenance procedure can have lasting and drastic consequences if they result in a heat exchanger failure. That is why all heat exchanger professionals are licensed, certified technicians before they are allowed to work in the field.

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