KATflow 230 for energy efficiency and cost reduction

Katronic’s KATflow 230 is a non-invasive, clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter. A pair of compact, stainless-steel transducers are simply clamped to the outside of the hot water pipe, as close to the main heat exchanger as possible. Ultrasonic pulses fire across the pipe width both ‘upstream’ and ‘downstream’ to measure the speed of the flow, which is then converted to a flow volume. Temperature probes are clamped onto the flow and return pipes, and the temperature recorded is integrated with the flow measurement to give a direct measurement of the heat in the system and both the total heat usage and, crucially, the peak demand across the network.

KATflow 230 measurements have now been used in applications as diverse as health care and general hospitals, food and beverage factories, confectionery and dairy. They are providing customers with significant opportunities to make real savings in costs and in carbon, to the benefit of everyone.

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