Laird expands SuperCool Series with Peltier assemblies

Laird Thermal Systems has expanded its SuperCool Series product offering with the development of three high-performance ultra-compact Peltier Cooler assemblies. The space-saving SuperCool Series is designed for applications that require high cooling capacities in tight space constraints such as chambers in medical diagnostics and sample storage compartments in analytical instrumentation. The smaller, refrigerant-free thermoelectric assemblies provide an environmentally friendly alternative to compressor-based systems for precise temperature control.

The new SuperCool Series provides engineers with three heat transfer options on the control side. Heat can be absorbed via liquid, conduction or convection. The Liquid to Air unit offers a cooling capacity of 140 Watts. The Direct to Air model has a cooling capacity of 130 Watts and the Air to Air unit with a capacity of 110 Watts. All cooling capacities are measured at ?T = 0 °C and operate on a nominal voltage of 24 VDC.

The compact SuperCool Series Peltier assemblies have a unique hot side air heat sink design that dissipates heat more efficiently than conventional heat exchanger technologies. The expanded SuperCool Series transfers heat to air more rapidly and is also quieter than previous models.

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