Lehigh engineers unveil Lehigh Thermal Battery

Lehigh engineers, with support from the Department of Energy, have developed a new thermal energy system, the Lehigh Thermal Battery. The technology consists of engineered cementitious materials and thermosiphons in a combination that enables fast and efficient thermal performance at low cost. The technology is capable of operating with heat or electricity as the charging energy input. The technology is scalable and market-ready.

The project is a collaboration between Lehigh’s Energy Research Center, Lehigh’s Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS) Engineering Research Center and Advanced Cooling Technologies.

The project has just completed a three-year schedule, which included research and development of system components, system design and integration, and integrated system testing at 3, 10 and 150 kWhth in a relevant environment.

In addition, the thermosyphon design has been optimized for dual (sliding evaporator/condenser sections) operation enabling the same device for the charging as well as discharging of the Lehigh Thermal Battery.

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