Mitsubishi commences operation of a second M701JAC

Mitsubishi Power has commenced operation of a second M701JAC gas turbine unit for natural gas-fired power plants in Thailand.

This M701JAC joins the global fleet of J-Series and JAC-Series gas turbines that have amassed more than 1.4 million operating hours; with 83 units ordered across the globe. When completed, the eight units in the project will form a gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power system with a total output of 5,300 megawatts (MW).

A 25-year long-term service agreement (LTSA) for these units is also in effect and Mitsubishi Power is fully supporting the customer’s reliable operation and maintenance of the first and the second units through remote monitoring of plant operation with TOMONITM, which is Mitsubishi Power’s digital solution service including an analytical platform developed for the optimization of power plant operation. The construction of the remaining six units has commenced and is fully through 2024 when the final unit will commence commercial operations in 2024.

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