Thermoregulation units in packaging for pharmaceuticals

From the first meeting for an intervention on plate heat exchangers within the revision of a hydraulic power unit, through the development of highly customized thermoregulating units.

This is the evolution of the partnership between Tempco and a now long-term customer highly specialized in the molding of plastic materials, for the production of packaging for pharmaceutical products.

Following a first intervention for the real-time service on plate heat exchangers, the collaboration of Tempco with the customer evolved then also in the field of thermoregulation. Since longtime, the manufacturer was indeed looking for more customized solutions, and it found an ideal partner in Tempco’s thermoregulating units and SFC – Standard Custom Flexibility engineering approach.

The thermoregulating units developed implemented several characteristics and features, such as (i) static relays for heaters control; (ii) extremely low specific heat capacity of electric heaters; (iii) highly reliable pressurized circuit with special expansion tank to avoid recurring cavitation and depressurization issues; and (iv) dedicated remote interface for the management of the unit using the same PLC of the presses.

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