Modine Coatings unveils EFINSM Pro Shield™ program

Modine Coatings introduces its new EFINSM Pro Shield™ program.
The EFINSM Pro Shield™ program provides customers with coating protection options based on the customer’s needs with each level offering extra assurance through an extended warranty based on specific requirements.
The EFINSM Pro Shield™ Program can also be combined with an easy-to-recognize color that differentiates the products in the market, helping build the brand while making it easy to identify products with premium corrosion protection. Protecting HVAC equipment so it can provide years of trouble-free service is of paramount concern to engineers, builders, manufacturers and end users. EFINSM Pro Shield™ adds another layer of confidence for the customers in the products they rely on.
The EFINSM Pro Shield™ program has three different options: EFINSM Pro Shield™ 10, EFINSM Pro Shield™ 7, and EFINSM Pro Shield™ 5.

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