Orbite provides an update on the calcination equipment

Orbite Technologies Inc recently provided an update on its progress in implementing the solutions to resolve the issues encountered with the calcination equipment at its HPA Plant.

The requisite changes to the calcination equipment and the impacted upstream sections of the HPA Plant are materially complete and entailed the following:

•    The design, fabrication, and installation of a new ACH feed system and new feed hopper system.
•    The modification of the pneumatic transport system for the conveyance of the ACH to the new multiport feed hopper system.
•    The fabrication and installation of new steam injection ports in the decomposer to assist ACH injection into the decomposer.
•    Modification of the internal refractory diameters, the addition of new steam injection ports, and their reinstallation, allow more efficient and predictable product extraction from both ovens.
•    The design, fabrication, and installation in the decomposer and calciner of 138 new heating element sealing systems, required for ceramic tube and heating element support, insulation and cooling.

All of the changes described above required the supply of custom designed and fabricated parts that meet the specifications of the patented – HCl based Orbite process.

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