HRS showcase HRS Product Recovery System at ProPak Asia

HRS Heat Exchangers will showcase a range of solutions to key challenges facing food producers, such as tackling waste and incorporating smart technology into production lines at ProPak Asia 2019 (Bangkok, Thailand 12 15 June). Having created a range of aseptic fillers, including the AF Series and the new Asepticblock Mini Series, HRS currently offers food and drink manufacturers a full production solution from pasteurization or sterilization, through to the finished packed product, with appropriate integrated control, traceability and cleaning systems throughout.

A practical example is the HRS Product Recovery System, which measures a product’s physical or chemical property (such as Brix, pH, viscosity, or density) and automatically alters how it is treated if a reading falls outside specified parameters. This reduces the amount of product wasted at production changeovers or when implementing Cleaning in Place programs. Similar technology is employed in all HRS heat exchangers to ensure product safety by continuously measuring the temperature; for example, to ensure that full pasteurization or sterilization has been carried out.

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