Orcan Energy Expands Production Capacities in Kiel

Orcan Energy has recently expanded its production capacities with the establishment of a new production unit in Kiel, Germany. This strategic move is driven by the increasing global demand for modular solutions in waste heat recovery, a sector where Orcan Energy has already made significant strides. Notably, the company has deployed its ORC technology in the geothermal industry, collaborating with industry giants like E.ON to establish a geothermal power project in Kirchweidach, Upper Bavaria. Additionally, Orcan Energy has partnered with Baseload Capital to harness previously untapped geothermal heat from oil and gas production, converting it into clean, low-cost electricity.

The establishment of Orcan Energy’s production facility in Kiel represents a crucial step towards achieving profitable CO2 reduction in industrial processes while fostering value creation. The decision to select Kiel as the location for this expansion is attributed to the city’s excellent infrastructure connections and the presence of key partners within Orcan Energy’s value chain, which are already established in Schleswig-Holstein.

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