Tube Tech unveils Mark 7 fired heater rover system

Tube Tech has introduced its latest advancement in cleaning technology with the unveiling of the Mark 7 fired heater rover system, capable of remotely eliminating over 90% of convection section fouling. This cutting-edge solution, protected by two patents, revolutionizes the cleaning process by automatically traversing intermediate tube support plates and tubes, necessitating fewer access points and significantly enhancing its reach into challenging areas. This distinctive capability enables the system to accomplish more cleaning in less time, setting a new standard for efficiency.

Equipped with lidar technology for distance sensing, the new automated rover can identify blockages or obstructions with precision. Operators benefit from live HD footage, offering real-time insights from within the convection bank and providing an accurate assessment of its condition and any areas requiring attention. Furthermore, captured images and videos serve as valuable tools for reporting and analysis purposes.

The Mark 7 rover system plays a pivotal role in restoring fired heater convection sections to their original design thermal efficiency, irrespective of the level or type of fouling present. By doing so, it significantly reduces CO2 emissions, aligning with efforts to promote sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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