Plate heat exchangers occupy a large market

Plate heat exchangers are widely used, and in many applications, they occupy a large market. Plate heat exchangers have gradually replaced shell-and-tube heat exchangers and have taken advantage of them in the industry.

The heat pump unit is a key device widely used in air conditioning systems and heat recovery plate heat exchangers. These applications place the following requirements on the heat pump: light weight, small size (assembly), good pressure resistance and low-temperature resistance. And has a high sealing performance and the like.

The shell-and-tube heat exchangers used in the past are difficult to meet the above requirements. The QH brazed plate heat exchanger not only saves space for the heat pump but also reduces the cost of the refrigerant and the leakage of the refrigerant, so it is widely used as an evaporator and a condenser in the heat pump unit.

In addition to these, they are used as energy savers and oil coolers. It is also used as a heat exchanger for the solution in an absorption chiller.

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