SHARC apply wastewater energy recovery to King County

SHARC International Systems Inc. (SHARC Energy) announced plans are proceeding to apply its wastewater energy recovery technology to the King County sewer system. 
The approved program proposes up to three pilot projects in King County, including Seattle, which will operate without paying the energy transfer fee for three years in exchange for sharing data with King County Water Treatment Division (King County WTD), which provides wastewater treatment services to 17 cities, 17 local sewer districts and more than 1.8 million residents across a 420-square-mile area in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, including Seattle.
This initiative highlights one of two opportunities for “Smart Cities”, municipalities, wastewater authorities and other owners of city wastewater and sewer infrastructure to monetize a previously forgotten resource and cost center while helping achieve the goals of government climate action plans.
The King County Strategic Plan has also set out an aggressive Healthy Environment plan to reduce countywide greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030. The proposed legislation also furthers its Strategic Climate Action Plan goal of reducing countywide sources of greenhouse gas emissions by supporting the development of renewable energy resources.
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