Spirax Sarco introduces new compact heat exchanger

SpiraHeat heat exchangers fill a product void for companies with smaller plants looking for a budget-friendly, space-saving solution that can be installed quickly and easily. Each unit is configured to the customer’s requirements and preassembled, tested and skid-mounted off-site, minimizing set-up time and costs at the customer’s location.

Spirax Sarco USA has expanded its product line to include a compact, steam-to-water heat exchanger designed for installation in plants with limited floor space. The SpiraHeat™ heat exchanger provides the maximum, instantaneous output of hot water at a constant temperature, while its innovative coil design allows the core unit to consume as little as 39 square feet of floor space. The new product, which also helps reduce plant energy costs by improving energy performance, is available through the global network of Spirax Sarco and its distributors.

The SpiraHeat exchanger is ideal for steady, low-temperature hot water applications like building heating, wash down and laundry. Packages can be configured to meet heating and process duties ranging from 341,000 BTUs/hour to 3.4 million BTUs/hour.

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