Start-up of Alfa Laval’s BHE factory in San Bonifacio

Alfa Laval’s brazed heat exchanger (BHE) production is moving into a new, purpose-built factory in San Bonifacio, Italy. Manufacturing has already begun at the advanced new facility, and preparations are being made for research and customer training on site. 
Alfa Laval is ensuring not only the capacity to meet customer demand, but also the resources for the continued development of heat exchanger solutions. The new BHE factory in San Bonifacio, where all major building work has now been completed, is a key part of this effort.
The San Bonifacio factory is designed for efficiency, which includes having 1 MW of solar power installed on its roof. Besides loading bays, forklift-free internal logistics and other physical improvements over the Alonte site, it will have a digitalized warehouse management system to oversee the flow of materials and goods. In addition to increased capacity, the production itself boasts many new advances in manufacturing.
In September, the new factory received its ISO 9001, 14001, 45001 certifications, as well as PED, ASME, and UL certifications. During the course of November, the ISO 50001 energy certification is expected to follow.
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