Sulzer’s SMR cuts production times at processing plant

When an adhesive tape manufacturer needed an innovative heat exchanger to support and improve its operations, it found the ideal solution in Sulzer’s heat and mass transfer technology. The company’s heat exchanger effectively reduced time-to-heat periods, speeding up the entire production line while delivering high-quality materials. 
In the case of a European adhesive tape producer located in Spain, the company saw the potential to make its manufacturing more efficient by optimizing its heating operations. To find a suitable solution, the company started to proactively look at state-of-the-art heat exchangers to replace its existing system together with process specialist Caperva, which collaborates with Sulzer and acts as an agent in Spain. As a result of this research, it identified Sulzer’s Static Mixer Reactor (SMR) as a far more effective alternative to its conventional heat exchanger.
After successful testing and installation, the SMR is now fully operational and has enabled the adhesive tape manufacturer to reach its process intensification goals. Even more, the solution exceeded initial expectations, allowing the manufacturer to reach 48°C with its hot melt, rather than 45°C.
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