Sungrow will work with BeGreen on “Brilliant” project

Sungrow will work with BeGreen on their first partnership in Denmark. The project is set to install 320 MW for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) pipeline, all integrated with Sungrow’s industry-leading inverters. The project, named Brilliant, will deploy mainly utility-scale solar of 320 MWp, (258 megavolt amperes). The project is set for delivery as early as July this year, with a grid connection scheduled for the final quarter of 2022.

BeGreen has chosen to integrate Sungrow’s multi-MPPT SG250HX string inverter into their projects. The SG250HX features easy installation, smart operations and maintenance as well as 12 MPPTs with a maximum yield of 99% efficiency. Sungrow’s award-winning portfolio of inverters are designed for seamless integration whilst prioritising affordability and performance. An additional advantage of the SG250HX for this region is the innovative C5 coating and cooling concept with a heat exchanger, which gives the system added protection and durability on sites prone to strong winds and coastal areas with salt air which is corrosive.

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