TCOIL dimple jacket exchangers for cooling applications

Another interesting use of TCOIL dimple jacket exchangers is using them for contact cooling applications, as if they were a jacket. A very interesting characteristic of TCOIL exchangers is in fact the capacity to be shaped to fit the shape of the equipment to be thermoregulated. 
It is then possible to use TCOIL dimple jacket exchangers for application on the outside of equipments employed in the chemical industry, such as mixers and reactors, or generally on the outside of tanks or furthermore on the outside of electric batteries.
A further trick to increase even more the thermal transfer rate in TCOIL exchangers contact cooling applications is to rub a thermal conductive paste on the flat side aimed for direct contact with the outside of the equipment to be thermoregulated.
This kind of contact cooling application of TCOIL dimple jacket exchangers is triggering a high interest for employ in electric battery cooling, as well as for cooling of electrical and electronics machinery that clearly cannot be cooled using a direct flow of cold water.
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