Tranter installs NovusBloc® in a refinery in Israel

Tranter has won an order to replace two existing Shell-and-Tube heat exchangers in an oil refinery in Israel. The new heat exchangers, two large NovusBloc® heat exchangers in stainless steel, will be installed in the Atmospheric Distillation process of the refinery, where they will preheat the incoming crude oil with the light gas oil fraction from the Atmospheric distillation column.

The higher efficiency of the NovusBloc® heat exchanger will reduce the operator’s total cost of ownership. The NovusBloc® will reduce the energy consumption of the fired heater by improving the pre-heating of the crude oil. The same turbulent flow and higher channel velocities also significantly reduce fouling build-up and increase the uptime of the heat exchangers in the process.

The replacement of these shell and tube heat exchangers will take place as soon as the NovusBloc® heat exchangers are delivered to the site in Israel, which is expected by early Q4 2022. The installation and performance of the heat exchangers will be closely monitored by Tranter in Israel.

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