Turbo II chillers receive falling-film evaporators

Recently introduced chiller family based on Turbocor oil-free compressors and distinguished by high energy efficiency and environmental safety, received falling-film evaporators in addition to flooded models. 
Falling film evaporators are shell-and-tube heat exchangers in which the refrigerant is distributed through a spray arrangement above the tube bundle, forming a thin film of liquid around the tubes. This type of evaporator permits operation with close approach temperatures between the refrigerant and process fluid and with high heat transfer coefficients. One of the most prominent characteristics of the falling film evaporator is the low refrigerant charge – by up to 75% compared to flooded evaporator designs. This translates to a significant reduction – by up to 50% – in the refrigerant charge for Lightstream Turbo II chillers without compromising capacity and energy efficiency.
The rate of heat transfer of falling-film evaporator substantially higher as the refrigerant wetting the surface of tubes is in a liquid state.
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