UFI provides thermal management systems for Audi & PPE

UFI Filters takes a further step forward in electric mobility with the provision of the transmission oil-cooling system on Audi and Porsche’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE).

The PPE-platform is intended to underpin a large number of premium and luxury BEV – battery electric vehicle – models. Each new mid-range model, such as the Porsche Macan EV, Audi Q6 e-tron, A6 e-tron Avant and A6 e-tron Sportback, will feature a UFI cooler on transmissions mated to the front and rear e-motors, ensuring excellent performance.

UFI thermal management systems are manufactured in the modern plant in Opole, Poland, using aluminium vacuum-brazing technology, to provide a more robust and cleaner product. UFI coolers play a key role in keeping the transmission oil temperature within optimum operating values.

The front cooler consists of aluminium plates, with 11 layers for the passage of oil and 10 for the coolant, while the rear cooler consists of 14 layers for the oil and 13 for the coolant. This means that the oil and coolant flow in opposite directions, crossing each other’s paths on alternating layers. This configuration extends the contact time of the liquids for the heat transfer process.

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