UnitBirwelco achieves Carbon Negative ahead of target

UnitBirwelco Limited (UnitBirwelco) has managed to achieve ‘Carbon Negative’ status two years ahead of the target. 
Originally scheduled for 2022, UnitBirwelco has reached its destination this year by applying a rigorous ‘five-step’ plan, which started with identifying those areas of the operation where reductions could most easily be achieved and then making an honest and accurate study of the level of current emissions. Targets were produced and achieved based on a combination of internal reductions and by supporting emission reduction projects, making sure that all stakeholders were aware of the purpose and benefits of the initiative.
UnitBirwelco has managed to offset 150 tonnes of CO2 by supporting several projects including borehole rehabilitation in Uganda, the Brazilian rain forest through the ADPML Portel Para RDD project and by reforestation through planting 100 trees in the UK.
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