Xfh Ultra tubeside calculations for refinery operations

Xfh Ultra, HTRI’s general-purpose fired heater modeling software, provides improved calculations for refinery operations. Users can easily explore operating scenarios to increase capacity and performance, helping to minimize energy loss and shutdown time.

Xfh Ultra is flexible enough to handle most fired heater configurations. In each firebox, heat transfer is simulated using a single-zone model. This reliable and practical approach is combined with an integrated convection section calculation with allowance for shock radiation from the firebox.

The graphical interface makes it easy for users to quickly set up and run fired heater cases. During testing, users rated it easiest to operate when compared to other fired heater software. It features an interactive fired heater diagram, which simplifies the setup of the complex stream and coil connections.

Xfh Ultra tubeside calculations are based on HTRI’s methods for calculating heat transfer and pressure drop in process fluids, as used by Xchanger Suite®. These methods are backed by HTRI’s extensive research on single-phase and two-phase boiling. In addition, the program uses well-established single-zone methods for simulating the firebox and a 3D incremental approach to modeling flue gas temperatures in the convection section.

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