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Temperature’s impact on heat exchangers

There are also certain standards when using heat exchangers, one of which is temperature. Too high or too low temperature is an impact on the equipment, and the leakage is a more common type of failure caused by temperature.Effect of temperature on the gasket: The heat exchanger flange is made of oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheet.

Plate vs. shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Each heat exchange tube of the U-tube heat exchanger is bent into a U shape, and the inlet and outlet are respectively installed on both sides of the same tube sheet, and the head is divided into two chambers by a partition.

AGC awarded an AUD30 M construction contract with YPN

AusGroup Limited announced that subsidiary AGC Industries (AGC) has been awarded a AUD30 M construction contract with Yara

SUEZ signs a 25-year contract with Beogradske

Under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar VUCIC, and the French President, Emmanuel MACRON, SUEZ, within the consortium BCE, signs with municipal heating company Beogradske Elektrane a 25-year contract to provide the Serbian capital with heat produced from the energy recovery of waste.BCE has committed to invest €285 M to build the new infrastructures that will process 500,000 tonnes of municipal waste and 200,000 tonnes of construction and demolition waste each year.

Panasonic introduces R32 Big PACi Series

Panasonic has introduced the R32 Big PACi Series. The series, available in 20 kW and 25 kW capacities uses R32 refrigerant, includes a water heat exchanger option and supports Panasonic’s ‘full switch to R32’ initiative and Environmental Vision 2050.Business owners making the switch to R32 PACi can also benefit from energy and cost savings, thanks to a higher energy efficiency performance of up to 10% with R32.

Airedale launches new ‘Azure R32 Range’ of products

Airedale International, the British-based air conditioning solutions provider, has recently launched a new range of R32-optimised air conditioning products.R32 is widely considered to be a preferable alternative to the existing refrigerant R410A due to its lower GWP.The first products to be launched from the new Azure range will be the Ultima R32 compact 30-150 kW chiller and the DeltaChill 110-1100 kW R32 chiller.

Thermal management by friction stir channeling

Thermal management is a critical area in the development of future transport systems. Heat generation in vehicles is increasing due to the expansion of electronic functionality.

Alfa Laval signs an agreement worth SEK 210 M

Alfa Laval, the heat transfer, centrifugal separation, and fluid handling company has signed an agreement worth SEK 210M, for the supply of Alfa Laval PureBallast systems to an alliance of Turkish shipowners.

Cooling of soda solution in oil & gas facilities

Tempco have recently released an interesting application for the cooling of soda caustic solution employed in the separation and purification process in oil & gas facilities.

OptiSea uses new treatment to avoid fouling on seawater

SUEZ’s OptiSea uses a combination of chemical treatment and digital monitoring to prevent deposition and fouling in cooling systems that rely on seawater.

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