Jansen wins “Gold” German Innovation Award 2019

Jansen AG has won a “Gold” German Innovation Award 2019 for the JANSEN hipress, downhole heat exchanger. The prize is awarded by the German Design Council.

Jansen developed its downhole heat exchanger in tandem with the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR). The project was supported by the KTI – Commission for Technology & Innovation – at that time.

For conventional downhole heat exchangers, the pressure at a depth of 200 m presents a real problem. Here, geothermal heat ensures that as drilling activities push deeper, the temperature rises ever higher. Solutions have sought to increase wall strength to offset the pressure, although this leads to a deterioration in heat transition and increases costs. However, the compressive strength of Jansen’s plastic downhole heat exchanger means that it was designed to be suitable for use at depths of between 200 500 m.

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