Kaltra to launch dual-circuit precision cooling units

Continuing to expand its solution portfolio for data center cooling, Kaltra releases dual-circuit precision air conditioners running on chilled water in pursuing optimum availability in mission-critical applications. 
Dual-cooling circuit systems provide maximum reliability in thermal management, being connected to independent cooling sources, while in parallel enhancing system maintainability and flexibility.
As with earlier models, dual-circuit air conditioners are equipped with large-surface evaporator coils and 2-way or 3-way flow regulation valves. These most modern air conditioners are supplied with EC-driven radial fans of the latest generation, onboarding with Modbus control.
Traditionally, Kaltra deployed microchannel type evaporators either for the new units to make them the most advanced and efficient solution available on the market.
Evolutionary control algorithms of Kaltra precision cooling units have proved to be an efficient approach and have been further developed in dual-circuit air conditioners of Lambda CW II-M series.
Lambda CW II-M is affordable while the competitive solution for precision air conditioning, serving applications such as data centers, telecom and data rooms, and others.
The range of 40 new models is scheduled to go on sale in Europe next month.
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