T PLATE B: 3-in-1 brazed plate exchanger for air dryer

T PLATE B, a new product joins the solutions family of Tempco, a brazed plate heat exchanger 3-in-1 which combines an evaporator, a separator, and a pre-cooler/heater. The T PLATE B – TCB3000A is the ideal solution for large air dryer applications, under 50 m3/min with up to 10 bar working pressure, for applications in refrigerated air dryer and air compressors. 
The exchanger TCB3000A combines a series of patents and is made with stainless steel chevron plates and high purity copper foil. It allows to reach high compactness, with a size reduction by 50% compared to other similar equipments. The solution offers high transfer efficiency and high corrosion resistance.
The patented design of the TCB3000A exchanger integrates an air pre-cooler, a water separator and an evaporator in a unique thermal machine, ensuring low-pressure drop and low dew point.
The unique 3-in-1 design allows to use directly outlet air, achieving a significant energy saving. The solution is also clogging free and easy to maintain, and is equipped with special patented leakage testing connectors.
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